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Weekly Album choice “Amrita (…All These and the Japanese Soup Warriors)”

Loop Guru is a worldbeat group consisting of bassist/guitarist Salman Gita (born Sam Dodson) and programmer Jamuud (born David Muddyman). On The Weekly Album Choice show, we choose and play a world music album in its entirety.The band’s music is a melange of Asian and Western music, infusing Western dance beats with the rich textures and sounds of Indonesian gamelan and traditional Indian music. Heavy emphasis is placed on electronic samples of traditional instruments, voices, and miscellaneous sounds. “Amrita” was the groups 3rd and most successful album released in 1995


bounce feb

bOUNCE Radio “Shammen Delly”

Bounce DJ’s Kwame Daniels & Julien Raux lead the way with off track music, urban and soul sounds.
“Bounce radio is excited to present two young Irish producer who just released their first album, Shammen Delly. Featuring an exclusive interview plus a live mix recorded at The real Time event at Culture Tech Festival. Tune in if you wana know more about this band?”

Weekly Album Choice “Kinshasa One Two”

Kinshasa One Two is an album recorded by Damon Albarn alongside ten producers of the newly established DRC Music (Democratic Republic of the Congo Music) group, to benefit Oxfam’s work in Congo. Purchase the album at http://www.drcmusic.org.
On The Weekly Album Choice show, we choose and play a world music album in its entirety.


Deep Forest Made in Japan

Weekly Album Choice “Made in Japan”

Made in Japan is a live album by French group Deep Forest during their Japan tour in 1999.
Deep Forest is a musical group originally consisting of two French musicians, Michel Sanchez and Eric Mouquet. They compose a style of world music, sometimes called ethnic electronica, mixing ethnic with electronic sounds and dance beats or chillout beats. On The Weekly Album Choice show we choose a world/folk/roots album and play it in its entirety.


Songlines “Music Magazine Podcast”

11:00 & 23:00 GMT

A monthly podcast complimenting the Songlines magazine which covers the world’s most exciting music from traditional and popular to contemporary and fusion, featuring artists from all around the globe. Songlines is packed full of the latest CD reviews, artist interviews, guides to particular world music traditions, concert-listings & travel stories. www.songlines.co.uk

Barry Gilder’s Songs and Secrets

Barry Gilder, South African folk singer and ex-ANC intelligence operative, is the author of Songs and Secrets: South Africa from Liberation to Governance. In the interview, he reflects on freedom songs, exile, and armed struggle. Gilder performs his “Matola Song,” about a friend killed by an apartheid death squad. He ends with thoughts on democratic governance and on the Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection, a think tank he co-founded in 2010.