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YOUnite “International Women’s Day – Downpatrick”

A Radio series produced by Homely Planet Radio in partnership with Unite against Hate supported by Community Relations Council (CRC). Each programme features interviews, music and audio arts from activities and events supported by Unite against Hate throughout Northern Ireland.
In this programme Venus McDonald talks with participants at the International Women’d Say event in Downpatrick.

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Africa Past and Present

Black Travelers, Writers & Activists in Africa and the Diaspora

David Killingray (Emeritus, Goldsmiths College, U. of London) on the often-neglected role of African travelers and intermediaries in 19th-century Africa; black writers and activists in Victorian Britain; and the significance of documenting lived experiences of Africans to better understand processes of historical change.

Spirituality in Central African History

David Gordon (Bowdoin, History) on his recent book Invisible Agents: Spirits in a Central African History. Gordon explores how and why spirits and discourses about spirits inspired social movements and influenced historical change, from precolonial Bemba chieftaincies and 1930s Watchtower millenarianism to the postcolonial state’s humanism and Pentecostalism under Kaunda and Chiluba, respectively. Gordon closes by noting the effervescence of Zambian studies today.

Africa Past and Present

Africa Past and Present

The African Diaspora in Britain

Marika Sherwood (senior research fellow, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, London) on the history of the African diaspora in Britain. She discusses aspects of her 2007 book After Abolition: Britain and the Slave Trade Since 1807, the 1945 Pan Africanist Congress in Manchester, and Pan-African biographies. Sherwood concludes by noting the inadequate treatment of black history in the UK school curriculum.


The Next Village “The Dickensian Bargain”

Global education radio series produced by Maurice Macartney
The first Millennium Development Goal aims to cut poverty in half by 2015. Some progress has been made in that direction, particularly in China, where millions have worked their way out of poverty, apparently through trade.
In The Dickensian Bargain TNV’s Maurice Macartney talks to Dr Alfred Hickey M’Sichili of Comhlámh and Dr Diane Holt of the Trickle Out Project, examining questions of power, trade and enterprise, and asking if the markets be made to work for the poor.

The Next Village “‘School’s Out: the Struggle for Education'”

Global education radio series produced by Maurice Macartney.
MDG2 calls for free primary education for all by 2015; but at current rates, school will remain out of the question for many children by the target date. In this programme we talk to Ciara Gaynor of Oxfam and Paul O’Callaghan of Queen’s University Belfast, to find out why education is worth the struggle. www.thenextvillage.org