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East Belfast Arts Festival “Gordon Hewitt”

Interview with poet and activist Gordon Hewitt.
Recorded as part of the East Belfast Arts Festival, Homely Planet radio partnered with the Orchardville Society to host a radio hub in Expresso East. Volunteers interviewed participants, performers, visitors and the odd celebrity in the cafe to gather their thoughts on the festival and changes in the East.

East Belfast Arts Radio


Barry Gilder’s Songs and Secrets

Barry Gilder, South African folk singer and ex-ANC intelligence operative, is the author of Songs and Secrets: South Africa from Liberation to Governance. In the interview, he reflects on freedom songs, exile, and armed struggle. Gilder performs his “Matola Song,” about a friend killed by an apartheid death squad. He ends with thoughts on democratic governance and on the Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection, a think tank he co-founded in 2010.

African Activists

Africa Past & Present: Recorded in October. Eddie Daniels and Christine Root on spending a lifetime working for African liberation; Daniels in South Africa, where he was imprisoned with Nelson Mandela on Robben Island (1964-79), and Root in the U.S. as Associate Director of the Washington Office on Africa in solidarity with such struggles.

Africa Past and Present

Africa Past and Present

The International Politics of Black Liberation

Historian Gerald Horne (U. of Houston) on how labor struggles in Hawaii and black self-assertion in Kenya influenced a young Barack Obama; the legacy of African-American involvement in African political struggles; the confluence of African-American Studies and African Studies; and W.E.B. DuBois as a template for unity among people of African descent. With guest co-host Kiki Edozie.

Radio and Resistance in South Africa

Sekibakiba Peter Lekgoathi (U. Witwatersrand/Michigan) on radio, ethnicity and knowledge production in South Africa, both apartheid’s Bantu Radio and the liberation movement’s Radio Freedom, including broadcasts and audiences, idioms, songs and slogans. Also discusses formation of Ndebele ethnicity and role of popular radio in forging a strong ethnic consciousness, and histories of African interpreters and research assistants.

Africa Past and Present