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Deep Forest Made in Japan

Weekly Album Choice “Made in Japan”

Made in Japan is a live album by French group Deep Forest during their Japan tour in 1999.
Deep Forest is a musical group originally consisting of two French musicians, Michel Sanchez and Eric Mouquet. They compose a style of world music, sometimes called ethnic electronica, mixing ethnic with electronic sounds and dance beats or chillout beats. On The Weekly Album Choice show we choose a world/folk/roots album and play it in its entirety.

Gypsy Folk Radio – World Radio

11:30 & 23.30 GMT

Gypsy Folk Radio is a monthly podcast run by Balkan Alien Sound bouzouki player Martin Coyle. Its aim is to share the music that inspires us and also to interview local musicians exploring the influence of folk and trad in their musical lives and hear their stories behind the tunes.
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