Wednesday 20th August 2014

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bounce 26bOUNCE Radio “Edition 26″

23:00 GMT

Bounce DJ's Kwame Daniels & Julien Raux lead the way with off track music, urban and soul sounds. Edition 25 ""The only expression we can think of for this Barrio 54 Live Session is “Whooo Weee!!” Bounce presented Barrio 54’s 2nd birthday with Vanessa Freeman, Kaidi Tataham and hosted by Kwame Daniels at the Menagerie Bar, Belfast! This was another fun filled session so tune in!!"
Encuentro Entre CulturasEncuentro Entre Culturas “the final edition”

05:00 & 17:00 GMT

Encuentro entre culturas: Nace con el propósito de acercar a sus oyentes la cultura de Irlanda del Norte y, a su vez, de conocer las diversas comunidades de la geografía española y demás países de habla hispana. En él encontraréis entrevistas, noticias o canciones que nos mostrarán la realidad de ambos países de una forma entretenida y respetando las tradiciones de cada lugar. Será un acercamiento entre ambos pueblos y nuestro fin es promocionar la riqueza cultural de cada área y su diversidad. In this programme an interview with Darren & Aidan from Beyond Skin. Produced by CRISTINA LÓPEZ GRAÇA
gypsy folk radioGypsy Folk Radio

15:00 GMT

Gypsy Folk Radio is a monthly podcast run by Balkan Alien Sound bouzouki player Martin Coyle. Its aim is to share the music that inspires us and also to interview local musicians exploring the influence of folk and trad in their musical lives and hear their stories behind the tunes. Listen on demand the full series:
Nitin DarrenNitin Sawhney – Beyond Skin One(1) Zero(0) Interview

10:00 & 22:00 GMT

Recorded at WOMAD Charlton Park 2014, on the tenth year anniversary of the charity Beyond Skin, founder Darren Ferguson meets the man who inspired the organisation’s name and ethos; composer, musician, producer, Nitin Sawhney who also was marking a tenth milestone with the release of a retrospective cut live to vinyl record “One Zero” celebrating ten albums
Refugee RadioRefugee Radio – In Protest

19:00 GMT

Poets from around the world explore themes of human rights and social justice in a book from the Human Rights Consortium, Institute of English Studies & the Keats House Poets.
Songlines-PodcastSonglines “Music Magazine Podcast”

09:00 & 21:00 GMT

A monthly podcast complimenting the Songlines magazine which covers the world's most exciting music from traditional and popular to contemporary and fusion, featuring artists from all around the globe. Songlines is packed full of the latest CD reviews, artist interviews, guides to particular world music traditions, concert-listings & travel stories.
Global JukeboxThe Global Jukebox

Daily between programmes

Global Jukebox is a non-stop mix of world, folk and roots music from the Homely Planet playlist
Africa Past and PresentThe Nigerian homefront in WWII. The Biafran War and Igbo Identity

02:00 GMT

Dr. Chima Korieh (History, Marquette) on Nigerian experiences on the African homefront during World War II, agriculture and social change in the colonial era, the Biafran War and the politics of memory, and Igbo identity. The interview closes with a discussion of endangered archives in postcolonial Nigeria. Africa Past & Present is a radio series about history, culture, and politics in Africa and the diaspora hosted by is hosted by Michigan State University historians Peter Alegi and Peter Limb.

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